Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So the actual fourth version of the Meditation Tracker is finally in works. And surprisingly it's not yet about cloud/google docs synchronization. It's about attracting your attention ;)

The features in development:
- Some UI simplification
- New tactile feedback for people using mala size of 1 (it's at least me ;)
- Dim session screens at night
- A hopefully bug fix for crashes in Nexus phones during schedule editing (I lack details on how to reproduce the issue...)
- No more missing practices (they were just hiding, don't be afraid)
- Post install welcome message, about info in app.

The last thing sounds non critical but actually one of the reasons this release will not have google docs yet. The thing is that I'd like to have some real world beta testing prior to official market release and I need to tell people about that. But noone reads this blog. So next release will contain welcome message asking people to read this entry and volunteer to beta testing.

I sound like a villain planning world takeover. Muhaha!

So see you here soon! (and at Karma Guen at the summer course)

PS. If you have a spare mac mini (or one of your iPhone friends complains about not perfect meditracker and has spare one) - I'd accepted that gift in exchange of development ;)

PPS. When leaving comment here - make sure I can reach you electronically (if you expect me to). Just Blogger account isn't enough. Or simply write me an email to durilka at gmail.


  1. First of all: thanks a lot for this app!!! It is very helpful and time-saving!
    The only thing I miss is the possibility to change the order of the practices. Can you add this?

    With grattitude,
    Netherlands - Amsterdam

  2. A superb app that helps greatly with multiple practices and what progress one has. I agree with Natascha on order rearangement. Also would nice to be able to select different deitys for practices. Possibly if you want to go further include mantras for recitations or ability to input our own.

    Warmest wishes,
    Samten Lhundrup
    California, USA

    wld be open to beta test

  3. Why haven't we met at KG? Was a great course! Pls add me to the beta test list shinych@gmail.com
    Karmapa chenno!

  4. I can help in beta testing as well as development.

  5. Samten & Pema Rigzin please write me an email to durilka at gmail

    thank you!

  6. Hi, thanks for this app. Works great! If you like translation to Czech language I can do it.

  7. Just downloaded the app,I will let you know how it works for me

  8. Hi :) its really a great app!
    I miss only one thing - a history viewer of the practises or something like that ;) Maybe in a form of a calendar to see how good I am at meditating daily.. so to say a statistic.
    Thank you ;)

  9. Great app! But I have problem with setting image for new meditation. When I choose photo there pops up error "The image disappeared. Impermanence.". So I cannot set proper photo. I have Android on HTC Wildfire. Am I doing sth wrong?

  10. @Adam. Well its either you or the app. Pick one :)

    Actually I've seen this before so I'd go for app's. Do you use standard image viewer/picker? And do you know version of your android? (It's found in settings-about)

    Btw. To have better communication you can write to durilka on gmail.

  11. I am patient so slow communication isn't bad for me. I think it's better to post here, because someone could also search solution for this problem. I have Android 2.2.1 and standard image viewer/picker.

  12. @Adam: to narrow the problem further down - you're trying to pick existing picture, not taking a photo are you?

  13. yes, picture from SD card :)

  14. Adam, here's the modified version which may (and may not work differently). To make it even more complicated the version is the same so there are chances your phone will not offer you to reinstall. If that'll be the case - we'll invent something.


  15. It works :D Thank you very much :)

  16. Hi, I've enjoyed this app for the last 1,5 year...until yesterday: after android actualization to 2.2 whenever I press start session the screen is going to sleep at the same moment. I have ZTE Blade, android 2.2 (before, with 2.1 app worked perfectly).
    Any clue why that happens?

  17. @kliwia try switching off "dim at night time" in settings

  18. Yeah, it worked! Thanks a lot :-)
    Karmapa chenno

  19. Thx for a great app :-) been using it quite some time now, but I do have problems, when I get new phones... Backing up my app-data doesnt save my accomplished meditations/mantras, so I have to start over each time... Just kidding ;-) but it would be nice to have an 'cloud'-saver too in this app? :-)
    Also there is a problem with side in my htc sensation - there is screen space for much more :-D will that be possible in futures release?
    Karmapa Chenno and all the best,
    Peter, Denmark

  20. @Peter Bjorn (sorry, too lazy to seek that fancy nordic "o").

    That's actually the plan for the next version (plus i've just migrated myself and it's not pretty). And even more, right now i've got some spare time so i can actually implement that.

    So if you're willing to test the in-between beta - drop me a line at durilka at google's mail.

    Btw. What do you want to do with all that screen space?

  21. @Doo Haha, Bjorn will do just fine :-)
    Thx for your answer - sounds great, that you are already working on the cloud-saver or what we can call it :-) and the space :-) Hmm...what could be usefull with mere space? Well, first of all, just to be able not to have to scroll would be fine :-) Lazy as we are :-) And then it just looks nicer also? :-) Haven't thought of more functions on the front page, but merely using that space for quicker access to the different practices :-)
    Please, write me at peterwikke@gmail.com, if you need more beta testers - I'll be glad to help :-)
    Karmapa Chenno,
    Peter Bjorn :-)

  22. Okay, friends.
    Volunteers to test new online synchronizing meditation tracker are welcome into this post: http://dooreelkow.blogspot.com/2012/01/6.html