Friday, May 27, 2011

notebook on the go usability

on a back of the notebook's screen lid I need a pocket where I can put an external hard drive and not worry about placing it somewhere and watching over it while I work on the go.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So the actual fourth version of the Meditation Tracker is finally in works. And surprisingly it's not yet about cloud/google docs synchronization. It's about attracting your attention ;)

The features in development:
- Some UI simplification
- New tactile feedback for people using mala size of 1 (it's at least me ;)
- Dim session screens at night
- A hopefully bug fix for crashes in Nexus phones during schedule editing (I lack details on how to reproduce the issue...)
- No more missing practices (they were just hiding, don't be afraid)
- Post install welcome message, about info in app.

The last thing sounds non critical but actually one of the reasons this release will not have google docs yet. The thing is that I'd like to have some real world beta testing prior to official market release and I need to tell people about that. But noone reads this blog. So next release will contain welcome message asking people to read this entry and volunteer to beta testing.

I sound like a villain planning world takeover. Muhaha!

So see you here soon! (and at Karma Guen at the summer course)

PS. If you have a spare mac mini (or one of your iPhone friends complains about not perfect meditracker and has spare one) - I'd accepted that gift in exchange of development ;)

PPS. When leaving comment here - make sure I can reach you electronically (if you expect me to). Just Blogger account isn't enough. Or simply write me an email to durilka at gmail.