Sunday, October 24, 2010

passing arguments to evaluated javascript (so you got a string to execute...)

var a = "hello";
var b = " world";

var func = "function(param1, param2) { document.write(param1 + param2); document.write('<br />'); return 42; }";

document.write(eval(" ("+func+")(a, b) ")); // this one does it anonymously, not garbaging context with temp functions
document.write('<br />'); 

var func2 = "function sub(param1, param2) { document.write(param1 + param2); document.write('<br />'); return 42; }";
onEvent(a, b);

function onEvent(e, v) {
     var ff = eval(func2);
     sub.apply(this, arguments); // this one uses args explicitely

Thursday, October 14, 2010

1.0.1 aka Tsechu

So it's done. Smoke test's green and first update to Mediation tracker is alive. Let's see how will it work.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

it's coming

The second release of the meditation tracker is near. It's not a major one, even really minor, but nevertheless important.

The thing that's about to change is visual appearance. Thanks to the friends, Metitation tracker has now more unified look. Other important point is that it's our first upgrade. I've done it so far on two devices and all went smooth. But it makes sence to have your data not only in the phone anyway, so before upgrading, record somewhere states of your practices.