Tuesday, January 11, 2011

third version

Previous version wasn't really 1.0.1 but simply "2 / Tsetchu"; the next one, "3 / Lama" has been packed and is now being tranquilo tested.

UPDATE 7.2.2011 After some field testing and one serious bug the Meditation Tracker 3 aka Lama is published into android market.

Feedback especially on German translation is welcome.

Here's the link to the latest test version if you want to have a try or install without market

- Improved session screen: big add button makes it simpler to use without looking at the screen; timer buttons are moved into menu
- Fixed crash after photo's taken (that was the last known issue so far)
- Settings are somewhat chattier
- Custom mala size. now you can have for instance 28 for the refuge and 108 for the rest
- First translations into Russian and German languages. Klingon to come
- Misc tiny bugfixes and facelifts.