Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And here we go

Somewhat unexpectedly for me the first application I've published on android market is my the most recent side project. So, three weeks of relaxed development, some testing and here we go.

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Meditation Tracker for Android phones
Meditation Tracker helps you keep track of progress of your practices.
It comes with predefined preliminary practices group (can be switched off in settings). You can create your own practices and create practice schedule based on date you aim to compete practice or number of daily repetitions. It also contains a session timer - simply set timer to required length and you'll be notified when that time has passed. You can be notified by sound or vibration. Each session data (time, repetitions) is stored in database.1

My primary aim was to create visual and functional copy of the same application created for iPhones.

The big idea is to have several coordinated teams bringing same experience to users of different platforms. These applications are in no way ports of each other, they share look, functionality and hopefully feel.

So the Meditation Tracker.

Not much to say at this moment. As I said already this is test-release. In order to help testing - ... well use it and when it crashes, please post somewhere here a bug report including how to reproduce the issue and also the log file is found on the very root of your SD-card of the device (called meditracker.crash.log) - please attach it.

So far there's one known issue: on Nexus One there's an error after taking a photo so I'm really looking forward for error report on that.

Also have a look here. This should be the centralized place for both applications, at least I've talked to them and they find it a good idea.

1 This description is shamelessly copied from the iPhone's application. But intentions are good. I think it's not a bad excuse.

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